Commercial Horizontal Flow Wrapper: Uses, Benefits, and Suppliers

Posted by Chela Mancuso

While there are a wide variety of different machines available, horizontal flow wrappers, or FFS (form, fill, seal) machines are ideal packaging systems for high-volume facilities that pack, seal, and ship a variety of goods. The horizontal flow wrapper is also known as the FFS, and it is often used to package whole foods like meats, cheese, and entire fish. It works for both liquid and solid products including fruits, veggies, soups, broths, grains, and powders and each product can be packed and vacuum sealed into durable pouches that will hold up to 2.2lbs of product. However, the horizontal flow wrapper is also a widely chosen machine by manufacturers that are packaging liquid goods like soups, stews, and marinades. The horizontal flow wrapper utilizes pressure instead of suction to package, which is what makes it ideal for liquids. Additionally, the FFS machinery can also be used to package and reduce the bulk of items like bedding, clothing, towels, and other textiles. The FFS is one of the most versatile options and can be used for a wide variety of packaging needs. Manufacturers can easily expedite the packaging process, save money, and provide high-quality packaging for products with machinery like the horizontal form fill seal machines, and AMAC Technologies can help you find the right machinery for your needs.


The benefits of horizontal form fill seal machines are numerous. Manufacturers can find many benefits to utilizing this machinery, and it can help streamline the packaging process for them. In addition, the benefits of FFS machines also include: 

  • Extending The Shelf Life Of Products: With horizontal wrapper machinery, any manufacturers that are sealing and shipping products can enjoy greater confidence in the extended shelf life and freshness of their products. Wrapping the products prevents bacteria from getting into them, which slows the food decay process. It also allows for products to be stored or frozen for a much longer period of time. 
  • Increased Speed: The FFS can package up to 60 items per minute. In addition to being speedy, it is also ideal for packaging larger, differently shaped products like cuts of meat, blocks or wheels of cheese, and whole fish. The FFS machines use auto-sensing technology to custom-cut film to fit the exact dimensions of the product and vacuum technology to remove excess oxygen and seal the package shut.
  • Affordability: Not only is the FFS reasonably priced, but it also gives manufacturers the added benefit of a decrease in labor costs. These automated machines ultimately reduce the time needed, and therefore the labor needed, to properly package, seal, and ship products. 


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