Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machine For Commercial Food Packaging

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Utilizing a horizontal flow wrap packaging machine is one of the best ways to increase manufacturing and packaging efficiency, cut down on overhead labor costs, and expedite the success of your business. Horizontal flow wrap packaging machines, also known as FFS (form, fill, seal) machines are the ideal machinery for high-volume packaging and shipping facilities that need to prioritize quick and effective packaging solutions. Horizontal flow wrap packaging machines are often used to wrap a variety of products including those that are large or irregularly shaped like blocks of cheese, pieces of meat, seafood, or shellfish, entire fish, and much more. 

Additionally, FFS machines are not just ideal for packaging food goods, but many other items like cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, or even as a bulk reducer when a manufacturer is shipping things like bedding or linens. The horizontal flow wrapper uses pressure instead of suction when wrapping materials, which makes it so that the FFS machines can also effectively package liquid items like soups, stews, or marinades. The horizontal flow wrap packaging machine is one of the most versatile options on the market and is frequently utilized for a wide variety of manufacturing needs. It helps manufacturers save money, expedite the packaging process, and provide high-quality packaging materials. AMAC Technologies is a leader in horizontal flow wrap packaging machinery and can help you find the right option for your business. 


When it comes to commercial food packaging, manufacturers need to find efficient, effective, and reliable machinery to make the packaging and shipping process as seamless as possible. AMAC Technologies specializes in helping manufacturers find the best solutions for their needs. Some of the benefits of using a horizontal flow wrap packaging machine include: 

  • Unmatched cost benefits. When manufacturers take advantage of fully automated machinery, they cut down on the overhead prices of labor. Not only is the machine itself reasonably priced, but it has the added benefit of being automated, requiring no human intervention to run quickly and efficiently. 
  • Extended shelf life of products. Between the process of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping food products, extending the shelf life of the product can be a major concern for any manufacturer. With FFS machines, worrying about food spoiling or needing to be thrown out prior to hitting store shelves is a thing of the past. In turn, this also saves money for manufacturers because it involves less food waste. 
  • Increased speeds that result in quicker turnaround and smart sensors. Horizontal flow wrap packaging machines can package up to 60 items per minute. In addition to being lightning-fast, this machine also is designed to package large or irregularly shaped items like meats, cheeses, fish, and more. The auto-sensors also determine the size and shape of the product to custom-cut the film to the exact dimensions of the product. With no manual intervention required, this makes the FFS machines the most effective and affordable solution on the market. 


At AMAC Technologies, our 40+ years of experience combined with the expert guidance of John Yamasaki help us provide our customers with the best possible service available. Yamasaki, our in-house expert, is a pioneer in the packaging and manufacturing industry and works diligently with our team of highly-skilled engineers and innovators to continue making top-of-the-line and best-in-class packaging and manufacturing equipment. Additionally, our customer service representatives prioritize providing in-depth and expert knowledge on our equipment, and through every step of the purchasing process, we support our clients and help them find what is best for their needs. Contact AMAC Technologies today to get in touch with one of our representatives and discover what machinery is right for your needs.