3 Best Commercial Uses For Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines

Posted by Chela Mancuso

Horizontal flow wrap machines or FFS machines (form, fill, seal) are one of the greatest options on today’s market for increasing manufacturing versatility, saving money, and saving time. A commercial horizontal flow wrap machine serves many purposes. They are one of the most ideal options for any high-volume manufacturing facility that is looking to pack, seal, and ship a wide variety of items without sacrificing valuable human labor in order to run the machinery. FFS machines are most frequently used to package whole foods like meats, fish, shellfish, and large blocks of cheese but they can be utilized to wrap a wide variety of large or irregularly shaped objects as well. In addition to wrapping solid goods, horizontal flow wrap machines are also ideal for managing the packaging of liquid goods like soups, stews, or even marinades because it uses pressure instead of suction to seal the item within the pouch. Other items that the FFS machine works with are veggies, grains, powders, and even linens or bedding products because of its ability to decrease bulk for shipping. Each pouch that the FFS machines fill and seal is capable of holding up to 2.2 lbs of product. 

When it comes to choosing the right packaging machinery, utilizing a form, fill, seal machine is one of the most reliable options for versatility, automation, and efficiency. FFS machines help manufacturers expedite the shipping process and cut down on overall overhead labor costs, and help streamline the manufacturing and packaging process. 


Overall, AMAC Technologies’ Horizontal flow wrap machine is incredibly versatile and

helps save time and money in the packaging process because it’s fully automated, operates hands-free, and produces 60 packed units per minute. But, there are three more key benefits that manufacturers need to take into consideration when looking for the proper machinery for their business. Those include: 

  1. Bulk Reduction. Used to pack clothing, bedding, pillows, etc. this reduces bulk and provides protective packaging that prevents damage during shipping and storage. Not only do FFS machines have the capability to help package solid and liquid food goods, but they can also be utilized to reduce bulk in things like linens and bedding. This makes these products easier to ship, and of course, provides added protection to them during the shipping process. 
  2. Food Packaging. This system is ideal for food packaging for a few reasons, it extends shelf life by removing excess oxygen, protects food from contamination, and can be easily used to package large and irregularly shaped products like meat and fish. This is an ideal option for any manufacturer that handles solid or liquid food items because it ultimately increases the shelf life of products which decreases the loss of products through spoilage. 
  3. Packaging Large Objects That Do Not Fit Pre-Made Pouches. These systems are perfect for automotive parts and tools that are too big to fit in standard pouches. Using a horizontal flow wrapper provides custom-cut, protective packaging without having to have custom pre-made pouches made which saves time and money. It also decreases the need for human intervention to manually measure and cut different-sized packaging for these products. 


At AMAC Technologies, we utilize our 40 years of experience in the packaging and manufacturing industry to deliver top-of-the-line quality machinery to our customers at an affordable price point. We pride ourselves on constantly innovating and engineering new ways to revolutionize the packaging and manufacturing industry and work closely with our customers every step of the way to guarantee they have an excellent experience and find the proper machinery for their business. Get in contact with AMAC Technologies today!