What Are The Best Uses For Horizontal FFS Machines?

Posted by AMAC

Horizontal FFS machines use cutting edge technology to form custom pouches to the product being packaged, fill the pouch with the liquid or solid product, and then seal it shut using vacuum sealing technology. This process of form, fill, seal is why they are called FFS machines. These horizontal FFS machines are high production, high capacity pieces of industrial equipment used to package large quantities of product in a short amount of time, producing up to 60 units per minute. Since an FFS machine is fully automatic handling everything from feeding the bags, filling, and sealing them airtight, this cuts down on the amount of manpower it takes to package your goods. Over all, a fully automated FFS machine will help you save money while yielding more packaged products in a shorter amount of time. 

Who Could Benefit From Packaging With Horizontal FFS Machines?

  • Food Packaging – Whether it is vegetables, fruits, meats, or grains that you package, your process can be expedited and automated with FFS technology. An added benefit of packing and sealing into air tight bags or pouches is extended shelf life and reduced wasted product.
  • Liquid Packaging – FFS machines like the RV-8200 can also process liquid goods like soups, broths, sauces, and more. Filling and sealing liquid products into durable pouches that will extend shelf life and prevent spoil.
  • Supplements – Much like grains or liquid food items, products such as protein powders or shakes could also be easily packaged and sealed using FFS machinery.

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