Best Applications for High Volume Packaging Machines

Posted by AMAC

High Volume packaging machines like the automated vacuum sealing and pouch filling machines from AMAC Technologies, are primarily used in high production manufacturing and packaging facilities. The primary goal of using high volume packaging machines is to automate the packaging and sealing process, to save time and cut costs. Automated systems such as the RV-8200 pouch filling system handle every aspect of the packaging process from feeding and opening pouches, filling, and sealing, producing up to 60 units in a minute. This eliminates the need for manual packaging and greatly increases the production rate, packaging more units in a smaller amount of time.

AMAC Technologies produces an extensive line of automated packaging systems such as rotary pouch filling machines, vertical FFS machines, vacuum sealing systems, and more. All of these automated high volume packaging machines are designed for speed and efficiency, allowing you business to operate at its highest potential.

What Industries use High Volume Packaging Machines?

Food Packaging – Processed foods like meats, cheeses, or vegetable, can be packaged and sealed with these automated systems. An added benefit of packing and sealing with airtight or vacuum sealing technology, is extended shelf life, and waste reduction.
Electronics – Electronic devices can be sealed and protected from water and other damaging elements with packaging machines like these.
Liquid Goods – There are even automated systems that can fill bags and pouches with liquid goods like broths or sauces, also extending shelf life and preventing spoil.
General Use Items – Items like toys, jewelry, hand tools, and so much more can be efficiently packed and sealed into durable casings with automated systems for AMAC Technologies.

Looking to Add High Volume Packaging Machines to your Production Facility?

If your manufacturing facility could benefit from a fast, automated packaging system, that seals and protects your products in durable packaging, consider high volume packaging machines from AMAC Technologies. AMAC Technologies will help you find the best packaging system for your needs, to give your business the competitive edge it needs. Contact us today to learn more!