High Speed Meat Packaging Machine – Your Equipment Should Match the Job Description

Posted by AMAC

Achieving a high speed meat packaging process is essential to any packer or processor. Machinery is a key component for increasing throughput as needs and packaging materials consistently change. The newest models have several features to promote faster packing times, food safety, and the latest technologies. A high speed meat packaging machine provides a sanitary, easy to manage automated solution.

Meat packaging machines deliver a number of benefits due to the handling and sealing processes they use. The vacuum process extends shelf life and freshness of these products. Additionally, it protects from cross-contamination when your product is placed next to other meats in a retail environment or during shipment. A high speed meat packaging machine increases offered benefits by also providing safety controls and consistency to your operation.

What Are All These Options? Do I Need This?

While this equipment is beneficial to any company using pouches, trays or other vacuum sealed packaging solutions, it is essential to understand available features and how they can benefit this process. At AMAC Technologies, we offer three primary equipment options:

  • Tabletop – This option is great for small food items and fits on an existing counter top space.
  • Mobile – With a larger capacity than tabletop models, these machines are able to process more bags in one cycle and larger bag sizes.
  • Double Chamber – Designed to handle high capacity packaging needs, these models drastically boost sealing throughput. Bags can be loaded into two chambers for increased speed.

Multiple models are available for each design to accommodate varying production volumes. Machines come with additional features such as barcode printing that allow for better tracking. The abundance of available features can be overwhelming to any buyer. Additionally, not every feature is beneficial for every packing scenario. It is important ask questions and to understand how offered features can help with the meat packaging process. Additional options can be added beyond the standard design including:

  • Gas Injection
  • Sensor Controls
  • Trim Off Seal
  • Filler Plates

Looking for a High Speed Meat Packaging Machine?

High speed meat packaging machines are flexible to meet various product sizing requirements. A stainless-steel construction provides an easy-to-clean surface, promotes hygiene, and has a modern appearance. AMAC Technologies offers several models and options to fit your specific needs. Give our team a call today to learn more about our high speed meat packaging machines!