High Speed Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine for Food

Posted by AMAC

If your manufacturing business packages food products for sale, using a high speed continuous vacuum packaging machine could help increase productivity and save money. Continuous vacuum packaging machines like AMAC Technologies’ pouch filling machine is a fully automated system that will handle all aspects of the packaging process from start to finish. This continuous vacuum packaging machine will pack both liquid and solid food products into bags, pouches, or laminates with ease. Implementing the use of a system like this is much faster and more efficient than manual packaging and removes the burden of packaging by hand, allowing to save money on labor costs. If your business is looking to increase production speed and save money on manufacturing costs, a high speed continuous vacuum packaging machine is the solution.

Benefits of Automatic Vacuum Packaging for Food:

  • Extended Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing food goods will lock in freshness and extend shelf life, while also protecting food from bacteria that could cause it to spoil. Vacuum sealing food helps to prevent waste and loss due to spoil.
  • Liquid Packaging – Efficnetly packaging liquid food products like sauces, broths, and soups in made easy when using AMAC’s continuous pouch filling machine. This system easily fills durable bags and pouches with these liquid goods that are otherwise difficult to package for shipping.
  • Speed – AMAC Technologies’ high speed vacuum packaging machines can fill and seal up 60 pouches in 60 seconds, allowing you to pack more units in a shorter amount of time than is possible with manual packaging.
  • Safety Sensors – As these machines are fully automatic and do not require manual assistance, they are equipped with safety sensors to pause production and sound the alarm system should an adjustment need to be made during the packaging process.

Looking for A High Speed Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine?

If you are interested in maximizing your manufacturing production with the use of a high speed continuous vacuum packaging machine, contact us today! We offer a wide variety of vacuum sealing machines built for quality, speed, and efficiency to help your business succeed. Browse our online products here to find the right packaging system for your business.