High Quality Vacuum Packaging Machines

Posted by AMAC

If you are looking to save time while packaging your consumer goods, high quality vacuum packaging machines, like the AIV-2000 from AMAC Technologies are great tools to consider. The AIV-2000, great for packaging and vacuum sealing large items, and will automate your packaging process, allowing more time and energy to be focussed important developmental tasks. Not only does the AIV-2000 make vacuum packaging more time efficient, but it is designed to package large items with ease, by using automatic sensor technology that eliminates the need for custom packaging molds. Investing in tools like high quality vacuum packaging machines will save both time and money in the long run, allowing your business to flourish.

Pros of Using High Quality Vacuum Packaging Machines 

  • The AIV-2000 can vacuum package large items like blocks of cheese, meats, and whole fish or chickens, without the use of a custom mold. These high quality vacuum packaging machines use C-fold film from 8”-20” and a sensor system that allows these larger food items to be individually and automatically packaged, preventing spoilage and waste.
  • While commonly used for commercial food packaging, the AIV-2000 can also be used to package a wide variety of non food items, such as tools, hardware, or electronics. Vacuum packaging non food items such as these, prevents rusting or damage that can occur during shipping and storage.
  • The AIV-2000 is incredibly user friendly and fully automatic. This machine uses flexible, size handling sensors to detect variations in sizes, so each package can be cut to fit individual items with no need for manual assistance. This allows more items to be packaged in less time, while employees can redirect focus on other tasks.

Speed and efficiency are key elements to success, and implementing the use of automated machinery like the AIV-2000 can help you to achieve both. These high quality vacuum packaging machines can automatically handle the packing and sealing for your products while you spend your time focusing on further growing and developing your business. To learn more about the AIV-2000 and other automated manufacturing machinery, browse our products or contact us today!