Heat Shrink Machine For Wine Bottles 

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What is a heat shrink machine for wine bottles? 

Heat shrink machines are used to apply shrink sleeves to a variety of different consumer goods, including bottles and cans for the beverage industry. Shrink sleeves are custom printed labels that are placed around the item being packaged and then heat is used to shrink the sleeve to size. This practice of labeling has become very popular for wineries, craft beer breweries, and distilleries. The easiest and fastest way to apply shrink sleeves is with the use of an automatic heat shrink labeling system. There are several different models of shrink labelers that can accommodate different sized facilities from small independent bottle shops to large-scale beverage production facilities. Whether you need a small footprint heat-shrink machine for wine bottles that operates at speeds of 80 units per minute or a large-scale, high production system that operates at 300 units per minute, there is an efficient, cost-effective heat shrink labeling solution for you. 

AMAC Technologies is a leading provider of manufacturing and packaging equipment, including shrink sleeve applicators and heat shrink labeling systems. They have a diverse line of heat shrink machines that can be used for wine bottles, beverage cans, multi-packs, and much more. Their newest system is the ASL-100 which is ideal for cans, bottles, jars, and candles. If you need help finding the right shrink labeling system for your needs, their dedicated team of packaging specialists can help you find the right equipment for your applications and your budget. 

What are the benefits of using an automated shrink labeler?

  • Speed – AMAC Technologies offers several different shrink labeling systems that operate at speeds of 80bpm to 300 bpm, completely hands-free. This helps to increase production speed and keep up with demand, without the burden of tedious manual packaging. 
  • Cost-Effective – Automated packaging machinery is designed to save time and money by speeding up production and reducing labor costs, to make your overall packaging process more affordable. In addition to this, AMAC Technologies also offers financing options that make cutting-edge shrink labeling accessible to businesses and facilities of all sizes. 
  • Versatile – In addition to easily applying labels to wine bottles, beer cans, and sprits bottles, these heat shrink labeling systems can also be used for food products, home goods, cleaning products, personal care items, and any other consumer goods that are labeled with shrink sleeves, including multipacks for bulk supply. AMAC Technologies’ ASL and Egret series shrink labeling system boasts a cutting-edge cantilever design that makes switching from one product to the next seamless and fast. This means that with one piece of machinery you can shrink label all the products your business produces. 

Want To Get In Contact With A Heat Shrink Labeling Expert?

If you would like to learn more about heat shrink machines for win bottles and more, contact AMAC Technologies! Our resident shrink labeling expert, John Yamasaki has over 40 years of experience with shrink labeling equipment and in-depth knowledge to help you choose the best machinery for your needs. Call today to get in contact with our team and take your packaging process to the next level.