Heat Shrink Labeling Systems

Posted by Joe Mancuso

What is the benefit of using heat shrink labeling systems to package your products? Well the answer is that there are several! Heat shrink labeling systems can be used to package everything from cosmetics and food products, to electronics, soaps, and body washes. Heat shrink labeling systems work by placing a plastic tube or sleeve around the product, and then it applies heat to shrink the sleeve to fit. This is especially useful when applying tamper evident seals. Tamper evident seals are popular among medications, food products, drinks, and cosmetics. A tamper evident seal not only serves as quality packaging but also provides your consumer with peace of mind. The use of a heat shrink labeling system makes applying this type of seal fast and easy. If you are interested in using affordable, efficient heat shrink labeling systems to package your products, AMAC Technologies can help!

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Heat Shrink Labeling Systems:

  • Innovative Design – The robust design of AMAC Technologies’ ASL-300 provides a sturdy, efficient design, with a compact footprint. This system features a stainless steel construction, strong servo motors, and an incredibly efficient cantilever system, allowing for speed and efficiency. 
  • Speed – The ASL- 300 is fully automatic and can package a variety of different products, with easy change overs, at speeds of 300 BPM.
  • Affordability – The ASL-300 is the most affordable heat shrink labeling system of its class. This makes cutting edge heat shrink technology accessible to any facility looking to take their packaging process to the next level.  
  • Free Consultation – AMAC Technologies also offers expert advice and consultation, to ensure you find the best packaging solution for your needs.

Want more information on heat shrink labeling?

If you are looking for the right heat shrink labeling systems for your needs, contact AMAC Technologies here. AMAC Technologies has over 30 years of experience providing cutting edge manufacturing equipment and is ready to help take your packaging process to the next level.