Heat Shrink Labeling Machine 

Posted by Joe Mancuso

A heat shrink labeling machine is an essential piece of manufacturing equipment for any manufacture that produces products such as cosmetics, bottled, jarred and canned goods, electrical components and wiring, automotive parts, and other consumer goods. This type of packaging works by placing a branded, plastic label, sleeve, or tunnel around your product, and then using heat to shrink it to fit the product. This creates a tamper evident seal around the product that gives the consumer peace of mind when choosing your item, while providing necessary labeling, and keeping your product together if it includes multiple parts. If you are looking for a cutting edge, heat shrink labeling machine that can quickly process a variety of different products, that won’t break the bank, AMAC Technologies can help. 

AMAC Technologies ASL-300 Heat Shrink Labeling Machine:

  • Speed – This shrink label machine is designed for speedy processing and quick changeovers. The ASL-300 can perform at speeds of up to 300 bpm. Changeovers are also made fast and easy as all sizing and product adjustments can be easily made from the touch screen. This allows for seamless switching from one product to the next.
  • Size – The ASL-300 is a robust shrink labeler that does not require too much floor space. The dimensions of this heat shrink labeling machine are 33.6” (W) x 42.9” (L) x 72.8” – 84.6” (H), offering high production, industrial capabilities, and a small footprint.
  • Variety – The ASL-300 can be used for both neck banding and full body shrink labeling. This allows for the use of just one heat shrink labeling machine for all of your different products. 
  • Affordability – The ASL-300 is the most affordable, automatic heat shrink labeler of it’s class, allowing you to bring industrial speed and innovation to your packaging process, without the hefty price tag.

Want To Learn More About Heat Shrink Labeling Machines?

If you are interested in learning more about shrink labeling, neck banding, or the ASL-300, contact AMAC Technologies here. AMAC Technologies is a long time provider of cutting edge manufacturing equipment who can help you find the best machinery for your needs.