Heat Shrink Labeling For Cosmetics

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Heat shrink labeling for cosmetics not only provides affordable, eye catching packaging, but can also protect your customers by being tamper evident. Heat shrink labeling is used to label and package the majority of consumer goods you see on store shelves. Beer cans, soda bottles, cosmetics, baby food, Easter eggs, batteries, and so much more are all labeled with the use of heat shrink labelers. Shrink labeling works by placing a shrink sleeve on the product and then applying heat to shrink it to fit. These sleeves are typically made of plastic or  polyester substrate and are printed with necessary branding. The reason heat shrink labeling for cosmetics is so popular is because it is easy, and affordable to apply, and it can provide a tamper evident seal to protect the customer. Personal care items, cosmetics, and consumable goods are often sealed with tamper evident labels so the shopper knows that these products are untouched and safe for use. If you are looking for affordable heat shrink labeling for cosmetics, AMAC Technologies can help!

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ ASL-300  Heat Shrink Labeler:

  • Efficient – The ASL-300 shrink label has an innovative design featuring strong servo motors, stainless steel construction, speedy cantilever system, and touch screen controls. All of this results in an automatic, durable, shrink labeler that can produce at speeds of 300 bpm. The cantilever system also allows for fast, easy change overs between different products and shrink sleeves. 
  • Affordable – The ASL-300 is the most affordable shrink labeler of it’s class due to it’s simple, yet robust design, and compact footprint. The ASL-300 makes automated, high production shrink labeling accessible to manufacturers of all levels. 
  • Versatile – Not only is the ASL-300 capable of heat shrink labeling for cosmetics, but it can also be used on food goods, medication, nutraceuticals, electronics, personal care products, and more. The ASL-300 also has the ability to label twin packs and multi-packs for items sold in bulks. 

Want To Learn More About Heat Shrink Labeling For Cosmetics?

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