Heat Shrink Label Printing and Application Equipment: Why Has Shrink Labeling Become A Go-To Packaging Method?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

It’s no secret, heat shrink label printing has become one of the most sought-after practices in the manufacturing and printing industry. Shrink labeling utilizes a 360-degree sleeve that wraps around a container of any size, shape, and material, and then heat is applied to fit that sleeve to the product. While traditionally heat shrink labeling has been used in the beverage industry, it has gained popularity across the board for a variety of reasons. At AMAC Technologies, we are at the forefront of heat shrink label printing and shrink label application machinery. We have our own cutting-edge equipment available to provide any manufacturer of any size with the equipment they need for heat shrink label application and we now also print custom shrink sleeves and neck banding.

What Industries Need Heat Shrink Label Printing Services? 

Heat shrink labeling has risen in popularity, and it has become a go-to packaging method for many industries. A majority of the products available at supermarkets, drug stores, and other major retail providers can be shrink-wrapped. Shrink sleeve technology works on numerous containers, no matter their size, weight, and even the material they’re made out of. Popular examples of shrink labeled  items include: 

  • Glass jars
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles 
  • Craft beer bottles and containers
  • Sauces and marinades
  • Lotions and soaps
  • Vitamin or medication bottles
  • Mouthwash
  • Wine and spirits
  • Cleaning agent

There are plenty of other options as well within industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, and more. 

Why Is Shrink Sleeve Labeling So Popular Now? 

According to Modor Intelligence, the shrink sleeve labeling industry was worth over 10.3 billion dollars and is expected to increase to almost 15 billion dollars in just 4 years. There are a variety of reasons why shrink sleeves are so popular, including: 

  • High Impact Design. There are hundreds of similar products on every shelf in every store, but with customizable, 360-degree shrink sleeve wrapping, it is possible for manufacturers to create unique designs with full-color, high-quality images that fit their brand. 
  • Unique Container Options. Each and every brand is looking for something that will differentiate them from its competitors in a fiercely competitive market. With shrink sleeve printing, the container options are endless which makes it easier for manufacturers to utilize unique container options as a way of setting themselves apart without compromising their labeling. 
  • Additional Space. With shrink sleeve label printing, gone are the days of needing to condense all product information to fit a singular label. The 360-degree design allows for greater flexibility and offerings on the packaging without compromising space. 
  • Added Security. Now with shrink sleeve wrapping technology, there is the opportunity for manufacturers to add tamper-proof security packaging. Manufacturers can create heat shrink sleeves that cover the entirety of the container, including the cap to provide additional security to the product and consumer. 
  • Sustainability. Many types of packaging are not sustainable, but with heat shrink sleeve labeling, the products can be constructed with environmentally friendly materials and are typically always recyclable. Shrink sleeves are also made with heat only, not an adhesive, meaning that the label is easy to remove before recycling. 

How To Learn More About Heat Shrink Label Printing with AMAC Technologies

You can contact AMAC Technologies directly to learn more about taking your packaging process to the next level with shrink labeling. For over 40 years, AMAC Technologies has been an industry leader in manufacturing and packaging technology. Led by packaging and heat shrink sleeve labeling expert John Yamasaki, a pioneer in the industry, AMAC Technologies is dedicated to providing manufacturers with high-quality, custom, and efficiently produced heat shrink sleeves and cutting-edge shrink labeling equipment that is designed to be operated hands-free, saving manufacturers time and money. Additionally, our skilled team of heat shrink label printing experts is here to help with any questions our customers might have during the process of their heat shrink label printing project.