What Are Heat Shrink Bands?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What Are Heat Shrink Bands And Why Are They Important For Your Products?

Utilizing heat shrink bands is one of the most popular ways to upgrade your packaging, provide safety to your products and customers, and create something one-of-a-kind. Heat shrink bands are much like heat shrink sleeves, but they are typically applied to the neck of a container, package, or bottle. Manufacturers typically choose heat shrink bands for their products because of their tamper-evident usage. Additionally, these bands provide a clean, professional, and unified look to any type of packaging. AMAC Technologies is an industry leader in providing heat shrink bands and the equipment necessary for manufacturers to produce them. Looking for heat shrink bands or the equipment? Get in touch with AMAC Technologies today! 

What Are Heat Shrink Bands Used For? 

Heat shrink bands are applied in a variety of settings. First and foremost, heat shrink bands are used to create tamper-evident seals. With tamper-evident shrink bands that are applied around the necking of a product, it creates the utmost security for any product. Manufacturers that produce cosmetics, food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals rely heavily on tamper-evident shrink banding because it keeps their products safe. It prevents food contamination or the contamination of any other sensitive products that people consume or use on their bodies. Heat shrink bands can be placed on anything including hot sauce bottles, wine bottles, and spirit bottles, canning jars, cosmetic tubes, lotions, candles, and more. 

They typically include a perforated stripe that can be torn so consumers can access the product, but can be designed to fit each manufacturer’s individual needs. Keep in mind as well that the product does need to be accessible to the consumer, and will need an easy opening. Tamper-evident shrink bands provide the highest level of protection to customers and in turn, protect producers and their products as well. They allow customers to identify whether or not a product has been tampered with prior to purchasing it, making products safer overall. Additionally, safer products mean less waste for manufacturers because fewer products will need to be thrown out, less leaking, and less loss of product overall. 

Tamper evident bands are also visually pleasing and create a uniform look on any type of container. With 360-degree capabilities, manufacturers have greater freedom in their packaging to include more product information, high-quality images, and full-color branding. Unique packaging can create an invaluable differentiation from other products on the market and on shelves which increases the likelihood of your product being picked over another product as well. They can also be designed to match the heat shrink sleeves that are on the rest of the product. 

Heat shrink band application is also simple, can be automated, and requires less production time than a traditional two-sided label. It cuts down significantly on overhead labor costs as well because heat shrink band application equipment does not require multiple employees to operate. It is one of the most cost-effective options for any manufacturer and AMAC Technologies can provide some of the best-in-class equipment for any manufacturer and their packaging needs. 

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