Vacuum Heat Sealer Machine For Bulk Reduction, Electronics, and Food

Posted by Chela Mancuso

A vacuum sealing machine or heat sealer machine is a valuable asset to manufacturers looking for affordable and effective packaging for a wide variety of items. These heat sealer machines work by either filling pre-made pouches, or cutting custom pouches to fit your products. Then vacuum technology is used to remove excess oxygen, and heat is used to seal the package shut, creating an airtight barrier. This style of vacuum packaging is beneficial for many reasons. Not only are these packages durable, and protective, locking out air and moisture to keep your products safe, but they also help to reduce size and bulk of larger items. Vacuum packaging is also very versatile and affordable. An automated heat sealer machine will remove the burden of manual packaging from your employees, makinging the packaging process faster, and reducing labor costs. If you need help finding the right vacuum sealing technology for your facility AMAC Technologies can help! 

Benefits Of AMAC Technologies Heat Sealer Machines:

  • Versatile – AMAC Technologies offers a wide variety of vacuum packaging systems that can be used for food packaging, electronics, medical tools, bedding and linens, clothing, automotive parts, and much more.
  • Waste Reduction – The use of a vacuum heat sealer machine in the food packaging industry helps to extend shelf life and reduce waste. Vacuum packaging removes excess oxygen, which preserves the usable life of the food, and locks out bacteria and contaminants to prevent spoil.
  • Bulk Reduction – Vacuum sealing is often used to package bulk items like bedding, clothing, and towels for its ability to reduce bulk. When air is vacuumed out of these packages, the size of the package can be significantly reduced allowing for easier shipping and storage. 
  • Affordable – With an automated vacuum packaging system handling everything from feeding and filling packages to using heat to seal them shut, there is virtually no need for manual labor. With this kind of machinery you are able to cut labor costs and increase productivity.

Want To Learn More About Vacuum Sealing?

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