Improve Food Manufacturing with Hands Free Packaging

Posted by AMAC

Automated food packaging systems can help to improve food manufacturing with hands free packaging, that can also help to reduce contact and human touch. Due to current conditions, there is extreme emphasis on hands free or contactless services, that this applies to manufacturing as well. Hands free packaging can keep both your employees and your consumers safe, by limiting contact and exposure. In addition to hands free benefits, automated packaging systems also provide higher production speed to preserve food quality, lower labor costs, reduced risk of repetitive strain injury, and so much more. If you are looking to improve food manufacturing with hands free packaging systems, AMAC Technologies is here to help you find the best system for your needs.

Benefits of Hands Free Packaging from AMAC Technologies:

  • Reduced Risk – AMAC Technologies’ hands free packaging systems handle the entire packaging process, eliminating the need for manual packaging that can cause physical strain or injury.
  • Speed and Preservation – AMAC’s packaging systems can package up to 60 units in one minute, processing your products much faster than traditional, manual methods. In addition to quicker processing, vacuum sealing also helps to extend shelf life and prevent contamination. Speed and vacuum sealing allow products to have a large window in which they can be sold and consumed.
  • Reduced Labor Costs – As these hands free systems are fully automated, they remove the burden of hand and manual packaging from your employees. This allows your employees to focus on other tasks as you reduce labor costs and save money with hands free packaging.

Looking for Food Manufacturing with Hands Free Packaging?

If you would like to improve your food manufacturing process, contact us today. AMAC Technologies is a long time provider of top of the line industrial machinery, including hands free, automated packaging systems. AMAC Technologies provides machinery that is designed for speed and efficiency to help increase output and productivity.