Hand Sanitizer Packaging

Posted by AMAC

In light of the current climate, there is a high demand for larger than normal amounts of hand sanitizer for both business bulk orders, as well as individual consumers, and your facility may be in need of automated hand sanitizer packaging. Manual packaging can be slow and cumbersome, and during high production times, it can be hard to keep up with demand without automated packaging. If you are looking to speed up or automate your hand sanitizer packaging process AMAC Technologies offers a line of fast, affordable, automated packaging systems that can save both time and money, while helping you to keep up with demand. AMAC Technologies’ automated filling systems for liquid products can easily pack and seal products like hand sanitizer into durable, airtight pouches in a fraction of the time it would take to package manually. Quality, speed, and affordability, are the cornerstone of a successful manufacturing facility, and this is exactly what AMAC Technology will provide your business with, when you package your products with their state of the art machinery.

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ Automated Liquid Packaging Systems:

  • Quality – These automated systems can fill large, durable, airtight pouches, bags, or laminates with up to 2.2 lbs, and vacuum seal them shut to protect your product and prevent loss or contamination.
  • Speed – Using AMAC Technologies’ automated liquid packaging systems allows you to fill, pack, and seal up 60 units in under one minute – exponentially increasing production speeds to keep up with orders.
  • Affordability – Automated packaging systems are an investment in your business that will allow you to save both time and money by fully automating your packaging process and cutting down on labor costs.

Looking to Add Automation to your Hand Sanitizer Packaging?

Do you need to purchase high production manufacturing equipment for hand sanitizer packaging? Contact AMAC Technologies, a cutting edge provider of high production manufacturing machinery, to find the best packaging system for needs. Get started today!