High Production Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Recently hand sanitizer has become an incredibly in-demand product, with manufacturers either upping production to keep up with orders or even changing their business model to be able to produce hand sanitizer, and if you find yourself to be in this position you will need a high production hand sanitizer filling machine to keep up with demand. If you are in need of a hand sanitizer filling machine, it is important that you find a fast, reliable, and fully automated filling system to allow your facility the ability to produce large quantities, in a short amount of time, without breaking the bank. AMAC Technologies produces a fully automated, liquid and solid pouch filling machine that can completely handle hand sanitizer packaging with no need to increase staff or labor costs. 

About AMAC Technologies’ hand sanitizer filling machine:

  • Rotary Pouch Filling Technology – This pouch filling system uses rotary and vacuum sealing technology that is capable of opening, feeding, filling, and vacuum sealing multiple pouch styles with up to 2.2 lbs of liquid or solid product, with no need for hands on assistance.
  • Production Time – With the use of our hand sanitizer filling machine you will dramatically reduce production time and increase output as this system can produce up to 60 sealed units per minute.
  • Sensor and Alarm system – These state of the art machines are also equipped with safety sensors and alarms that will halt production to prevent product loss should any settings need to be fixed for proper production. 

Need a hand sanitizer machine?

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