What Are Gas Flush Vacuum Sealers?

Posted by AMAC

Gas flush vacuum sealers are easy to use, highly efficient, automated vacuum packaging systems that help keep your products fresher for longer and extend shelf life. These vacuum sealers work by injecting your packages with a nontoxic gas, like nitrogen, after the oxygen has been vacuumed out. The presence of this gas helps to lock in freshness so that even if your products sit on the shelf for an extended amount of time, they will still be perfectly preserved and ready to use upon opening. Gas flush vacuum sealers are great for packaging everything from food products to medical tools and electronics. A variety of products can be easily packaged using gas flush vacuum sealers, which will allow you to adjust the atmosphere of your packages to best suit the items you are processing. If you are looking for an automated system that can help preserve your products and efficiently pack them for shipping, gas flush vacuum sealers are a great option.

Benefits of Using Gas Flush Vacuum Sealers:

  • Dual Preservation – Gas flush vacuum sealers work to preserve products in two ways. The first way is with the presence of nitrogen gas that allows you to create an ideal atmosphere for your product. The second way freshness is preserved is with the durable air tight packaging that prevents outside elements and contaminants from damaging your product or causing it to spoil.
  • User Friendly – Automated gas flush systems are easy to program, allowing the user to customize the settings for the products that are being packaged, to simply set it and forget it as the equipment does all the heavy lifting.
  • Automation – As these systems are automated, there is no need for hands on assistance in packaging which helps to reduce labor costs and increase output speeds.

Need More Info on Vacuum Sealers?

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