Gas Flush Vacuum Packing Machine: Create a Protective Barrier for Your Merchandise

Posted by AMAC

Vacuum sealing boosts quality and protects packaging contents. The process reduces the amount of oxygen in the package to prevent the growth of bacteria and for increased storage time. While commonly associated with food or electronics, this packing method applies to a variety of products from pharmaceuticals to electronics. The type of product being sealed along with packaging materials will play a role in what machine you choose. In the case of food processing a gas flush vacuum packing machine helps preserve the quality and structure of delicate food products by injecting a colorless, odorless gas into the packaging before sealing.

Why is Vacuum Packing a Good Choice?

Vacuum packing machines reduce storage space, maintain cleanliness, and ensure quality as the product makes its way to the consumer. The decreased space makes it easier to pack several products into boxes for shipment. Here are a few benefits gained by using vacuum packing machines:

  • Extra Barrier of Protection
  • Minimal Product Loss
  • Multiple Packaging Choices
  • Better Product Presentation
  • Easier Merchandise Handling

Sealing prevents product contamination and provides a barrier from moisture exposure. This type of contamination is detrimental to products as it can result in mold, discoloration, and other types of issues. If your company does not currently use vacuum packing processes, it is time to consider how this option could benefit your business.

Important Considerations for Gas Flush Vacuum Packing

A gas flush vacuum packing machine is not for every product and for some it can be damaging. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how this process can negatively impact the enclosed item. In every case your should speak with a professional vacuum sealing expert before selecting a vacuum packaging machine for your product because there are so many models to choose from with options ranging from size to functionality. An experienced provider will know the advantages and disadvantages to each machine as it pertains to your specific product.

Ready to Better Protect Your Products?

At AMAC Technologies, we offer several design choices to ensure you get the right equipment for your packaging needs. It can be difficult to know what model will work best and our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our vacuum packing machines and how they can help your business excel.