Fully Automated Vacuum Packaging Line for Cheese

Posted by AMAC

If you are looking for packaging machinery that can package food items like large blocks or wheels of cheese without the need for a custom mold, AMAC Technologies’ fully automated vacuum packaging line for cheese can help. AMAC Technologies’ AIV-2000 uses sensitive, auto sensing technology to detect the size and shape of your products, to cut individual vacuum sealed pouches to size. This vacuum packaging system processes 8” to to 20” c-fold film, allowing a wide variety of large items to be automatically packaged. In addition to easy to use automation, the AIV-2000 also helps reduce food contamination during handling, eliminate safety problems caused by human errors, and reduce labor costs. If you are interested in investing in machinery that can help in these areas AMAC Technologies’ fully automated vacuum packaging line for cheese is a great option.

Why Use Automated Vacuum Packaging Machinery

  • Reduced Food Contamination – Switching from manual to automated packaging processes, will reduce the spread of contamination or illness as the products will no longer be processed by hand. By reducing human contact, you also reduce contamination and help prevent spoil and spread of illness.
  • Reduced Safety Concerns and Errors – As fully automated systems eliminate the need for manual packaging, this also eliminates the possibility of injury or error that can occur as a result of packaging by hand.
  • Reduced Labor Costs – A fully automated vacuum packaging system produces more packed products in a shorter amount of time than can be accomplished with manual practice. The addition of automated machinery also, eliminates the need for any manual packaging which results in reduced labor costs. Simply put, using automated machinery like the AIV-2000 will save both time and money for your manufacturing business.

Looking for an Automated Cheese Packaging Machine?

If you are packaging large food items and are in need of user friendly automation, AMAC Technologies fully automated vacuum packaging line for cheese will help improve output, efficiency, production costs and so much more. If you are interested in learning more about AMAC Technologies and our top of the line industrial machinery, contact us here today.