Extend Food Shelf Life With Vacuum Seal Technology

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Extending food shelf life helps to reduce waste, save money, and keep packaged food fresher longer. This can be easily done, at an affordable price, with the use of vacuum sealers. Whether you are in need of fully automatic, commercial packaging systems, or smaller table top vacuum sealers for lower production, AMAC Technologies can help you find the best machinery to extend food shelf life. Vacuum sealers can be used to package all kinds of food products including raw meat, fruits & veggies, cheese, fish, and even liquid products can be easily vacuum sealed, locking in freshness. Extending food shelf life is ideal for grocery stores, restaurants, of food distributors who are shipping, delivering, or storing food for extended amounts of time. If you are interested in implementing the use of vacuum sealers to extend the shelf life of your food products, AMAC Technologies can help.

How Vacuum Sealers Extend Food Shelf Life and Who Can Benefit?

  • Remove Excess Oxygen – Vacuum sealing works by vacuuming out excess oxygen and creating an airtight seal. This slows down the process of food decaying, locking in freshness, allowing food to be stored or frozen for a longer period of time than you can store non vacuum sealed containers.
  • Protect Food From Contaminants – While the airtight seal locks in freshness, it also locks out contaminants such as bacteria that can cause the food products to spoil prematurely. 
  • Who Benefits from Extend Shelf Life – Extended shelf life is extremely beneficial when shipping food products, and meal planning kits. Everyone including meal planning services, grocery supplies, restaurants, and food suppliers can all benefit from extending food shelf life as it will reduce loss and save money. The consumers will also benefit by receiving fresher products that they can keep and use longer.

Need To Find Food Shelf Life Extension Solutions?

If you are looking for an affordable solution to extending food shelf life contact AMAC Technologies here. AMAC Technologies is a top of the line provider of commercial manufacturing equipment, who has the knowledge and experience to help you find the best packaging solution for your needs.