Food Product Packaging Machine – How Does the Design Impact Your Packing Process?

Posted by AMAC

Using a food product packaging machine in restaurants, super markets, and manufacturing, facilities accomplishes several goals. For example, some machines have the purpose of storing sauces or other food items specifically used in a restaurant. Vacuum sealing equipment use spans many areas of the food industry to accomplish abundant needs. Product packing is one frequent use since vacuum sealing is a highly efficient process. The process removes oxygen to prevent spoiling and deterioration. If oxygen is left in packaging, the food will oxidize thus causing the overall quality to degrade faster.

Besides protecting quality, a food product packaging machine increases the shelf-life of any item. It locks in the flavor, natural juices, and necessary moisture to deliver astounding tastes. When the process is done correctly, consumers get a quality driven product that is safe to consume or store until needed. However, if the proper equipment or steps have not been taken, the result could be illness or simply poor quality at time of consumption. Each packed item will have its own requirements making it essential to instill processes capable of promoting the best outcome.

Important Equipment Characteristics

The food product packaging machine you use will directly affect the results of these processes. It needs to remove enough air to prevent bacteria from developing. Manufacturers can prevent these developments by controlling moisture. For example, fresh fish can be sealed with natural moisture, but can promote bacteria formation if the process is not performed correctly. Sensors on the equipment must provide the right amount of control to guarantee absolute freshness.

The machine must be easy to clean including the inside chamber or sealing area. A food product packaging machine with sharp edges is naturally harder to clean and promotes grime. Rounded corners make the best design for inside cleaning as well as deter contamination. Machines made from the wrong construction materials will not last as long, be harder to maintain, and may corrode easier. Equipment constructed from stainless steel offers several benefits including:

  • Easy to Clean Surface
  • Sterilized & Sanitary Surface
  • Corrosion & Rust Resistance
  • Fire & Heat Resistance
  • Increased Value
  • Aesthetically Appealing

Stainless steel equipment simply lasts longer, offers several resistance qualities, and is cost effective. Food product packaging machines made of stainless steel further support your precise needs. They deliver a sanitary packing environment that is easy to maintain. Other options will not provide these qualities thus jeopardizing the end quality of your product. Additionally, poorly designed equipment could produce more waste due to improper seals, too much moisture, or other complications.

Looking for Quality Packing Equipment?

AMAC Technologies is an industrial food product packing machine designer and provider. We have spent years perfecting the design and production of our equipment to deliver innovative features at an exceptional cost. Standardizing each model reduces our manufacturing costs.

We offer additional options to deliver a machine capable of accomplishing your specific goals. This allows your business to take advantage of a lower price base model and then customize it to support facility or business packing needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your business!