Best Food Packaging Solutions For Processed Foods

Posted by AMAC

If you are in the business of packaging food redistribution, you may want to consider some automated food packaging solutions. Automated packaging and sealing systems such as the AIV-2000 or RV-8200 form AMAC Technologies can be used to pack food items into durable vacuum sealed laminates, pouches, or films at a much faster rate than manual packaging methods. In addition to be able to package more units in a lesser amount of time, using these automated food packaging solutions will also help to save on labor costs and prevent food items from contamination or spoiling. When taking into consideration that these automated systems save time and money, while reducing waste, it is easy to see that automated packaging systems for food goods are necessary tools for success.

AMAC Technologies’ Automated Food Packaging Solutions: 

  • RV-8200 – This pouch and bag filling system can open, fill, and seal up to 60 pouches per minute with both liquid and solid food items. Soups, sauces, broths, grains, vegetables, fruits, and more can be easily packaged with this rotary vacuum sealing machine.
  • AIV- 2000 – This packaging system is fully automatic using in line technology and sensors to auto detect each item’s size. This allows film to be automatically cut and sealed to fit each product. The ability to custom size and cut packaging allows the AIV-2000 to package large items like whole chickens, fish, or wheels of cheese without a mold.

AMAC Technologies produces an extensive line of automatic food packaging solutions including the RV-8200 and AIV-2000. From large solid food items, to packaged soups or broths, AMAC Technologies can provide you with a machine that will easily pack and seal your items in durable films and laminates that reduce spoil and waste.  If you are interested in saving time and cutting costs in your food packaging process, contact us today to find the best solution for your business.