Best Food Packaging Machines For Your Business

Posted by AMAC

AMAC Technologies offers a diverse line of food packaging machines for high production food packaging facilities. Whether you are in need of custom packaging, vacuum sealing, or pouch filling technology, AMAC Technologies offers highly efficient machinery to meet your needs. Specifically designed to save time and cut costs, these fully automated systems can package goods faster than manual packaging, and allow your employees to focus on other tasks.  AMAC Technologies’ food packaging machines are on the cutting edge of packaging equipment and will provide your business with the necessary tools to succeed in manufacturing.

Food Packaging Machines

  • Vacuum Sealing – AMAC Technologies AIV-2000 vacuum sealing system has the ability to automatically sense the size and shape of your food products to precisely cut custom packaging for each item. This is great for packaging food items like whole chickens, whole fish, or blocks of cheese, without the use of a custom mold. This vacuum sealing system can also be used to package large items as it processes C-fold film from 8-20 inches. In addition to custom cut packaging, vacuum sealing food product can help to extend shelf life and prevent food from spoiling, which will reduce overall waste.
  • Pouch Filling –  The RF-8200 rotary pouch filling system can be used to package both solid and liquid food products into pouches and bags. This system is great  for packaging food products like soups, sauces, rice, fruits, vegetables, or protein powders into durable packaging for shipping and storage. This system can open, fill, and seal gusseted bags, laminates, flat pouches, and stand up pouches, producing up to 60 units in 1 minute.  These durable pouches will protect your food products from exposure to bacteria and other elements that could cause spoil and loss of product.

Automatic food packaging machines from AMAC Technologies can save your business time and money, while protecting your goods with high quality packaging. If you are interested in using an automatic food packaging system to expedite your manufacturing process, contact us today to learn more.