Food Packaging Equipment and Manufactures 

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Food packaging equipment and manufactures are vital to the production and supply of consumer food products including meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and other staples of the average diet. Manufacturers who implement the use of automated food packaging equipment are able to increase production, lower overhead costs, and keep up with increased demand. For this reason, cutting edge food packaging equipment and manufactures that are highly productive and successful go hand in hand. If your food manufacturing plant is looking for automated packaging equipment to speed up the manufacturing process and dramatically reduce the need to manual labor, AMAC Technologies can help.

Benefits of Automated Food Packaging Equipment for Manufacturers:

  • Auto Sensing – AMAC Technologies’ FFS food packaging systems can easily pack and seal larger and non uniform products into custom cut packaging with ease. This makes packaging items like whole chickens, fish, and blocks of cheese easy, with no need for a custom mold.
  • Easy Pouch Filling – On the other hand, pouch filling systems can easily fill pre-made bags and pouches with liquid or solid food products. These pouches are great for snacks, fruits & veggies, oils, broths, and powders, and can hold up to 2.2 lbs of product.  
  • Speed – Both the automated pouch filling and FFS machines can pack and seal up to 60 units per minute, vastly out performing hand packaging methods.
  • Reduced Labor Costs – As these systems are fully automated there is no need for manual packaging techniques, allowing less time, energy, and money to be spent on the packaging process.
  • Extended Shelf Life – One of the biggest benefits of vacuum packaging food products is that it removes excess oxygen, which helps to lock in freshness. Vacuum packaging also prevents exposure to contaminants that can cause spoilage. This helps to extend shelf life and prevent waste. 

Need More Info About Food Packaging Equipment and Manufacturers? 

If you are in need of cutting edge food packaging equipment for your manufacturing plant, contact AMAC Technologies today! AMAC Technologies is a trusted provider of highly efficient manufacturing equipment, with the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best machinery for your needs. Talk with one of our vacuum packaging specialists today to get started!