Flexible Packaging Machines – Necessary Machines For Manufacturing Facilities

Posted by AMAC

Flexible packaging machines are used to automate the packaging of manufactured goods, such as food products, electronics, tools, and more.  This type of high efficiency machinery handles the packaging process from start to finish and eliminates the need for manual packaging by hand. In doing this your business is able to save time and reduce labor costs, packaging more goods in a shorter amount of time than can be accomplished when packaging by hand. From packaging large goods in custom cut to size pouches, to filling and sealing pouches and bags with liquid or solid products, AMAC Technologies offers flexible packaging machines that will take your manufacturing business to the next level while helping to save time, cut costs, and increase output.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging Machines: 

  • Wrapper Forming – Flexible packaging machines like the AIV-2000 from AMAC Technologies uses wrapper forming to package goods which eliminates the need for custom molds. This technology cuts the packaging to size for each product and is capable of wrapping larger food items like blocks of cheese, whole fish, or whole chickens with ease.
  • Vacuum Sealing – After a pouch is created using the auto size sensing packaging machine, that pouch is vacuum sealed to create an airtight seal that helps to prevent food items from spoiling and extend shelf life. This is also useful for non food items as it will protect products from being exposed to water and other damaging elements during shipping and storage.
  • Fully Automated – AMAC Technologies’ flexible packaging machines are fully automatic, packing and sealing items into durable airtight pouches without the need for manual assistance. These machines are also equipped with security sensors to alert users to any issues with loading or packaging to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Looking for Flexible Packaging Machines?

Flexible packaging machines from AMAC Technologies are top of the line manufacturing systems that will save time and money for your business while increasing efficiency and output. Browse AMAC Technologies online catalog or call their customer service team today to find the best machinery for your needs and equip your business with the necessary tools for success.