Why Your Business Needs Flexible Packaging Machines For Food

Posted by AMAC

Flexible packaging machines for food provide a multitude of benefits to high production food packaging and shipping facilities. Highly efficient automated systems, like the RV-8200 from AMAC Technologies, can reduce both costs and time spent on packaging as it is able to fill and seal pouches much faster than manual packaging. This takes the burden of packaging by hand off of employees so their time can be better spent on other important tasks. In addition to speed and efficiency, flexible packaging machines for food can be used to package both liquid and solid food goods in durable packaging. With the ability to fill resealable flexible packages, flat pouches, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags, and laminates, this filling and sealing system can efficiently package all types of food products, while saving time and money.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging Machines For Food

  • Efficiency – AMAC Technologies’ RV-8200 packaging machine can open, fill, and seal up to 60 bags in one minute, producing more units in a shorter amount of time than hand packaging.
  • Extended Shelf Life – This specific packaging machine uses vacuum sealing technology to seal food items into durable pouches which helps to extend shelf life and prevent the food from spoiling.
  • Safety – The RV-8200 is equipped with an alarm system that will signal changes in air pressure as well as errors in filling. If a bag does not open or fill correctly, the alarm will sound and production will be paused so the issue can be addressed.
  • User Friendly – The touch screen controls and stainless steel design of the RV-8200 make it easy to use and clean after use.

If your business would like to save time and money with the help of flexible packaging machines for food, contact us today to find the right manufacturing equipment for your needs.