What are The Benefits of Flexible Packaging and Sealing Machines?

Posted by AMAC

Flexible packaging and sealing machines like the RV-8200 from AMAC Technologies are fully automated systems that use rotary and vacuum sealing technology to open, fill, and seal various styles of bags and pouches with liquid or solid products. Often used for food packaging, this fully automated system can be used to fill flexible packages, generally used to seal snacks like cookies, chips, or candies in pouches that can be resealed at the top.  Specifically designed for high production facilities, the RV-8200 can fill and seal packages much faster than manual packaging, which saves your business time and money. Investing in packaging and sealing machines for your manufacturing business, is investing in necessary tools for success.

Benefits of Fully Automated Packaging Systems

  • Speed – The RV-8200 is designed for speed and efficiency, with the ability to package and seal up to 60 units in 1 minute.
  • Waste Reducing – Vacuum packaging food items in pouches and laminates protects them from being exposed to bacteria that could cause the food to spoil. This form of packaging also helps to extend shelf life. Both result in less product wasted.
  • Versatility – The RV- 8200 can fill several types of pouches including flexible packaging, flat pouches, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags and laminates. These various types of pouches can be filled with either liquid or solid goods like broths, sauces, protein powders, vegetables, fruits, grains and much more. While typically used for food items, this system can be used to many different types of non-food products as well.

If your business could benefit from the use of fully automated, flexible packaging and sealing machines, consider using a high capacity manufacturing machine from AMAC Technologies. Engineered for speed, efficiency, and accuracy, these machines will save time and cut production costs, while keeping your business on the cutting edge of production. Contact us today and we will help you find the machine that best suits your needs.