Fish Vacuum Packing Machine – Tips for Selecting the Right Equipment

Posted by AMAC

Packing food for home use or consumer purchase is a task consisting of numerous quality concerns. Using the wrong materials, equipment, or processes can damage the product. Additional concerns such as bacterial growth or contamination become prevalent for certain food items. This makes it essential to use a fish vacuum packing machine capable of providing quality end results with efficient operating benefits. The following features will make the packaging process easier:

  • Simple to Clean & Maintain
  • Easy to Use in the Facility
  • Supports Packaging Needs
  • Does not Corrode
  • Durable & Long Lasting

A fish vacuum packing machine is exposed to more moisture than when sealing dried food or other types of consumer goods. One concern should always be the equipment’s ability to remove moisture because it can lead to bacterial growth. Additionally, features like gas flushing further prevent oxidation.

What Features Increase Usability?

Bacteria growth and quality reduction are not the only concerns when purchasing equipment. Corrosion may occur if the equipment is consistently exposed to moisture and has not been constructed with the right materials. A unit made of stainless-steel offers corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and increases length of use. Fish vacuum packing machines should be able to meet your specific needs. This means they must work with the sealing materials and provide features to optimize your packing process.

The equipment design can also promote or deter contamination like chambers with sharp corners. These are harder to keep clean and encourage bacteria or other contaminants to potentially remain in the machine. A chamber with rounded corners delivers a simple to clean, reliable solution. Barcode printing is a great feature because it helps streamline the packaging process by delivering identification at time of packaging.

Make Sure it Matches Your Needs               

Not every feature will benefit your business, making it important to take a little time to evaluate your needs. This is because the usage and needs vary for restaurants, manufacturing facilities, super markets, and restaurants. What works for one business may harm the items being packed for another. Here are a few questions you can answer to make the machine selection process easier:

  • How often will the equipment be used?
  • Will it be used for any other products?
  • What features will increase shelf-life?
  • What features enhance quality control?
  • Where will the machine be placed?
  • Will it work with my packaging materials?

A fish vacuum packing machine has special considerations depending on the product. Fresh water, shellfish, and frozen items all have different packaging considerations. If you will be packaging all types, then the machine should support those needs. For fresh fish, moisture is a large concern and the equipment must be capable of removing the right amount. It must be compatible with packing materials to ensure a good seal. The design will need to fit the space where this process occurs as well.

If you have been considering this investment, AMAC Technologies would love to hear from you! We offer tabletop, mobile, double chamber, and nozzle fish vacuum packing machines. Our professionals will listen to your needs and then recommend the best model to support them. Contact us today!