Fish Packing Machine – Freshness is the Key to Success

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Visit any seafood restaurant along the east or west coast of the U.S. and what’s the first thing you see? Catch of the day. This isn’t some marketing gimmick. Every great seafood connoisseur knows that freshness is the most important thing when selecting seafood.  Americans are finally finding the many health advantages to eating fish: high in protein, high in the coveted Omega-3 fatty acids, and low in the “bad” Omega-6 fats that are often found in red meats. But if the fish isn’t fresh, then consumers will turn their noses up and choose something else. For fishmongers and anyone in the fishing industry, freshness must be the most important factor when choosing a packaging method. Selecting the right fish packing method can be tricky, but when you focus on freshness, a vacuum sealing machine is the obvious choice.

What are Vacuum Sealing Machines?

Vacuum sealing machines are easy to use machines that vacuum pack numerous types of foods and products.  A vacuum sealing machine removes the air from a package prior to sealing it. Then, a person (or through automation) places an item in a bag or film package. The vacuum sealing machine removes the air from inside the bag or film and seals the package. Resulting in a tightly sealed food or product now protected from environmental contaminants. It is one of the simplest yet extremely protective product packaging devices on the market. Furthermore, there are so many advantages and benefits of vacuum sealing based upon the product you are sealing.

Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Fish

Keeping fish fresh is the highest priority to a fish monger. packaging easily handles both of those. Let’s look at what other benefits vacuum packaging provides for cheese manufacturers. Below are a few reasons manufacturers should choose vacuum packaging for their cheese products.

  1. Preserves the Flavor – The biggest benefit of vacuum sealing fish is that it preserves the flavor. By keeping the fish moist yet free from air, the flavor of the fish stays fresh.
  2. Increased Shelf Life – Vacuum packaging seafood in a bag eliminates the air which keeps the product fresher longer and increases its sales window.
  3. Fresh Appearance – A clear vacuum sealed package gives fish a look like it was “just caught that day” making it more appealing to consumers.
  4. Product Protection – Along with freshness and a clean look, vacuum sealing keeps the fish free from environmental contaminants that could harm, spoil or damage the seafood.
  1. Simple & Quick Processing – Vacuum sealing with the right machine and materials is a simple and efficient method for preserving seafood and maintaining freshness.

Learn More About Simple Fish Packaging Machines

AMAC Technologies has the best fish packaging vacuum sealers on the market. Our experienced staff will help you select the best one for your seafood packaging needs. We have a large selection of vacuum sealer and a group of professionals ready to fit you with the right machine – just fill out our contact form to get started!