Fish Packaging Machine Features Should Promote Safe Handling and Product Quality

Posted by AMAC

Packing fish can seem like a big job with all the considerations you must make to complete the process. The steps for this task vary depending on whether the fish is fresh, frozen, or already cooked. For example, fresh fish should never lie around in their own juice as it takes away from flavor and can lead to contamination. Many companies use a fish packaging machine line a vacuum sealer to package these products because it preserves its natural oils and moisture, while offering further protection.

Vacuum packaging removes most oxygen to prevent the growth of certain bacteria. These bacteria cause food to spoil when the oxygen is present as well as reproduce to cause further harm. Removing oxygen before sealing allows the fish to last longer, remain safe, and maintain freshness. It offers a compact way to store or ship large counts of the product with minimal space. Finally, this method protects fish from freezer burn, moisture contamination, and oxidation.

Recommendations for Preventing Bacterial Growth

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has put many regulations in place to ensure food does not develop bacteria that can result in botulism. This dangerous development can cause consumers to become extremely ill and has resulted in death. As part of their recommendations, control measures should be taken in the following areas:

  • Acidity Level
  • Salt/Preservative Level
  • Moisture Level
  • Favorable Temperature Exposure Time
  • Fish Product Source
  • Amount of Air Exposure

Besides these control measures, it is equally important to use processes capable of reducing the risk of bacterial development. This includes using cooking or pasteurization when applicable and processes that maintain the raw qualities of food. While some of these measures relate to the handling of the product, reduced oxygen packaging methods like vacuum sealing offer a way to control the oxygen level for product quality preservation.

Choosing a Machine for Your Business

This is just one of many important factors to keep in mind as you choose a fish packaging machine and lay out your sealing process. The machine will play a big role in seal quality, maintained freshness, and overall preservation. If the right precautions are not taken, then the risk of harmful bacterial developing will be high. Machines with these qualities are helpful in achieving the right amount of quality control:

  • Compatible with Product
  • Packaging Material Compatibility
  • Customization Options to Match Processes
  • Ease of Use and Maintainability
  • Available Features to Promote Quality
  • Supporting Packing Processes

The fish packaging machine you choose should match your specific needs meaning it must deliver required features. These features need to support the product being packaged, chosen materials, be easy to use, and provide features to deter product harm. Factors such as production uptime or space availability will also play a role in this decision. An easy-to-clean fish packaging machine delivering the right mix of features will provide the most benefits.

Looking for a Fish Packaging Machine?

AMAC Technologies offers several choices when it comes to fish packaging machines. Each machine delivers essential sealing features to provide a quality seal and the desired results. Additional features like gas flushing may be included to prevent bacterial growth as well. Contact us today to learn more!