Fast Meat Packaging System – Promote Proper Handling and Safety through Automation

Posted by AMAC

Automated packaging systems are vital to many companies today due to the increased speed they offer. Certain precautions are frequently taken to prevent spoiling, cross contamination, and bacteria growth. These practices ensure consumers are able to safely consume these products. A fast meat packaging system will be the most effective for product integrity. The following are just a few precautions taken by meat providers:

  • Carbon Dioxide – This gas is often mixed with other gasses and injected into the package prior to sealing for suppressing bacteria growth.
  • Special Packaging – Designed to actively prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Moisture Management – A common contributor to food spoiling, efforts must be made to remove or limit moisture.
  • Antioxidants – Used to stabilize oxidation for prolonged shelf life.
  • Odor Absorbers – As the meat or food item slowly begins to degrade, it releases volatile compounds. Absorbers are used during transport to prevent cross contamination among other problems.

Each of these tactics are used to further increase shelf life, prevent harmful bacteria growth, and to maintain the freshness of the product. While every effort is equally important, a fast meat packaging system ensures minimal product degradation and deliver a reliable seal for absolute freshness.

How Do These Machines Help on the Production Line?

Automated equipment options have several features designed to provide faster throughput and more control over the packaging process. As opposed to manual operations, a fast meat packaging system provides a technology-driven solution with sensors and control mechanisms. Sensors ensure the right amount of gas is injected into the bag, that the vacuum process removes enough air, and a proper seal is provided.

This equipment eliminates several complications that not only increase production costs, but also potentially jeopardize quality and safety. When an individual completes each of these processes manually, the following can easily occur:

  • Improper Handling
  • Bad Seals
  • Poor Vacuum
  • Cross Contamination
  • Product Loss
  • Higher Costs

A fast meat packaging system eliminates these issues by providing consistent operations for each filled package on the line. Sensors help manage the process and only a few individuals must be involved to monitor everything.

Where Can You Find a Fast Meat Packaging System?

AMAC Technologies offers several fast meat packaging system choices to accommodate various volume needs. Our team will work with you to determine what options will best support this process. Give us a call today!