Benefits of an Extra Large Size Vacuum Sealer

Posted by Joe Mancuso

An extra large size vacuum sealer is perfect for commercial and high volume use when packaging food items, medical tools, electronics, car parts, or any other consumer product that requires vacuum packaging. AMAC Technologies produces extra large vacuum sealers that are fully automatic, and have the ability to package liquid and solid products with ease, as well as large and irregularly shaped items with no need for custom molds. These large, commercial vacuum sealers are fast, safe, and efficient, helping to save time and money while securing your products in high quality, air tight packaging. If you are looking for an extra large size vacuum sealer to take your packaging process to the next level, AMAC Technologies can help!

Why Should You Use an Extra Large Size Vacuum Sealer?

  • Speed – Fully automated vacuum sealing systems can pack and seal up to 60 completed units in just under one minute. This means you can increase your output, while reducing the time spent packaging, with no need for tedious labor. 
  • User Friendly – AMAC Technologies’ top of the line vacuum sealers are incredibly intuitive and easy to use or program, with many of these systems being fully automatic and capable of hands free use. One the automatic systems are set, they will handle the packaging process from start to finish, with no need for tedious labor. 
  • Cost Effective – Implementing the use of one of these extra large size vacuum sealers helps to save money in a few ways. Most importantly, vacuum sealing systems will eliminate the need for manual labor or hand packaging methods. This allows for reduced labor costs, as well as reduced risk of injury that can be caused from manual labor. The airtight seal created by a vacuum sealer also helps to better protect your products, reducing damage, spoil, and loss of good. By reducing labor, injury risk, and loss, you are able to bring down the overall overhead, saving time and money. 

Need More Info on Commercial Vacuum Sealers?

If you need help deciding if vacuum packaging is right for you, contact AMAC Technologies here! Our team of dedicated vacuum packaging specialists will be happy to help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs. Call or visit us online today to get started!