Dual Lid Packer – Boost Your Productivity & Maintain Quality

Posted by AMAC

Vacuum sealing is a beneficial process to any business when the right equipment and processes have been put into place. This equipment is available in multiple designs with each offering benefits. Single chamber packers may consist of a mobile design and are easy to move around your facility. Other designs are compact enough to fit on a table or in a constricted space. Single chambers are an affordable, efficient choice offer numerous benefits to a business. A dual lid packer is another option for achieving increased speed and improving quality control in your facility.

What is a Dual Lid Packer?

A dual lid packer typically contains two top loading chambers with similar control features to a single design. As one item is packed within a chamber, the other can be emptied and loaded again to maintain a constant flow. The chamber lid pivots between each chamber to allow easy loading, sealing, and unloading without interruption. These steps may be completed in sequence to achieve a high-volume line for production.

Processes such as gas flushing are typically pressure-controlled to deliver consistent packaging results each time. This equipment provides an opportunity to achieve higher efficiency during the packing process. Top loading chambers are easy to clean, operate, and maintain. A dual lid packer, when designed correctly, can provide increased output over a longer duration of use.

Beneficial Equipment Features & Qualities

Dual lid packers may be obtained as a base model and then customized to deliver the perfect mix of features for your sealing needs. Customization is an important feature for ensuring the equipment can meet your unique requirements. A space filler makes it possible to adjust the chamber height as needed.

Pre-sets designed to extract the right amount of air ensure that the pre-set is met regardless of the required volume as products are packed. The equipment should offer enough flexibility to adjust to products of various sizes. Dual lid packers may be purchased with a variety of features including:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Filler Plates
  • Multiple Seal Bars
  • Programmable Options
  • Sensor Presets
  • Gas Injection Options

Stainless steel provides a sanitary packing environment that does not corrode or rust over time. The dual lid packer must deliver optimal hygiene and low particle counts for increased performance. Filler plates make it easy to achieve faster cycles due to easy adjustments. Seal bars placed inside the lid as well as in the chamber deliver dependable results.

Gas injection is a feature where gas is added after vacuuming and prior to sealing. This extends product shelf life by removing oxygen, protects overall coloring, and offers additional protection for fragile items. It is essential to pair features that promote high volume output. The chosen dual lid packer should be capable of delivering the right amount of control over the sealing process as well.

AMAC Technologies offers several choices to ensure you receive high quality equipment. Along with the standard features, you can pair additional options for specific packing needs. Our team will take time to listen to each need and make certain you get the best features based on them. Contact us today to learn more!