Dry Food Packaging Machine – Get Your Line Moving with Less Effort through Automated Standardization

Posted by AMAC

Packaging is a labor intensive, costly process for companies in a number of industries. Dry food on the production line requires several individuals to complete each required process. On a production line, the risk of error is fairly high when this is done by hand or by individuals operating multiple pieces of equipment. A dry food packaging machine offers an all-in-one solution for reducing labor costs and ensuring consistency.

What Does a Dry Food Packaging Machine Do?

This machine combines the processes currently performed individually on a line. It greatly reduces handling by eliminating all manual processes except for bag loading. The automated equipment takes care of a number of steps including:

  • Opening
  • Filling
  • Vacuum Sealing

Bags are loaded onto the machine, which then takes care of all other tasks to fill and seal each package. This is great for food products because everything is perfectly measured out and less labor is needed to accomplish this part of production.

How Are Dry Food Packaging Machines Beneficial?

Waste and labor are two high costs in any manufacturing or production facility. Standardized equipment delivers a way to reduce the chance of error, which decreases production costs. Every time a bag is not filled correctly or has an improper seal, it creates waste.

Dry food packaging machines provide consistency throughout each process to reduce errors. This means less product and materials will need to be thrown away during production. Each bag is filled with the same amount of product thus ensuring an efficient process.

Additionally, now only a few individuals are performing the filling and sealing process with the machine rather than the amount needed to take care of each individual task. This reduces total labor costs while ensuring only the most reliable, experienced individuals are operating equipment. One or two individuals can monitor the equipment per shift.

Finally, pouch or bag style packaging makes each product more marketable. It is easier to store on the shelf, takes up less space, and in some cases can even be resealable. If you are not using this method to package product, then a dry food packaging machine delivers a reliable, consistent option to get started.

AMAC Technologies offers affordable dry food packaging machines to ease the workload of this process in your facility. If you have been considering this option, contact our team today to learn more and discuss our available options!