Why Is It Important To Work With Professional Digital Shrink Sleeve Printing Experts?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

When it comes to digital shrink sleeve printing, choosing a highly skilled and professional provider is essential. Custom shrink labels and digital shrink sleeve printing services are used for various consumer goods packaging including food products, beverages, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and much more. Digital shrink sleeves are highly customizable and can be designed to fit any style and shape. As a result, shrink sleeve packaging is the third largest labeling technology option, behind pressure-sensitive and traditional glue-labeling, with the usage of shrink sleeve technology only expected to multiply. AMAC Technologies has been an industry leader for over 40 years when it comes to manufacturing and packaging equipment, and digital shrink sleeve technology is just one of our many offerings. Additionally, we have the capability to produce and print digital shrink sleeves in bulk for any industry. 

Choosing the Right Shrink Sleeve Printer

Digital shrink sleeve printing is one of the hottest new options on the market for easily customizable labels that fit with a variety of consumer goods packaging. But why are so many manufacturers choosing to label their products with shrink sleeves? 

Benefits of Labeling Products With Shrink Sleeves: 

  • A More Affordable Option. Printing and applying shrink sleeves is a more affordable option when compared to other labeling options for a few reasons. There are no adhesives required, and the substrates used for shrink sleeves are generally more affordable than heavy, waterproofed papers and cardboards. Also, shrink sleeves are applied automatically with no need for manual labor which significantly drives down production costs for manufacturers. 
  • Premium On-Shelf Differentiation. Grab a potential customer’s attention immediately with vivid, full-color sleeves designed to attract buyers. 
  • Versatility, Flexibility, and Durability. In addition, digital shrink sleeve wrappings can be used to provide tamper-proof seals to protect the products. 
  • Sustainability. As opposed to other options, digital shrink sleeve printing is one of the most sustainable offerings on the market. The labels can be printed with special eco-friendly materials, and can also be manufactured to be biodegradable. 

While the possibilities are endless with digital shrink sleeve printing, it is critical to find the right provider for your shrink sleeve printing needs. At AMAC Technologies, we utilize the help of our resident shrink sleeve expert John Yamasaki to provide best-in-class products and processes to our customers. Yamasaki has been a pioneer for shrink labeling technologies and has over four decades’ worth of experience in labeling technologies that we in turn provide to our clients. 

Along with expert help, AMAC Technologies also stays current on the ever-changing landscape of manufacturing with constantly updated equipment, processes, and procedures to create the best product for our clientele. All of our recommendations for your project come highly tailored to the specific scope of your digital shrink sleeve printing needs.  

AMAC Technologies focuses on guiding our customers through every step of their shrink sleeve printing needs from start to finish with knowledgeable, easy-to-understand advice and recommendations. Learn more about our digital shrink sleeve printing options. 

Best-In-Class Professional Digital Shrink Sleeve Printing Experts

At AMAC Technologies, we are a one-stop shop for all things shrink labeling. With our extensive experience, dedicated teams, and decades’ worth of work within the manufacturing and packaging industry, we are many customers’ first choice for high-quality shrink sleeve printing services. We use the best materials on the market and focus on integrity, value, service, and excellence when providing our customers with digital shrink sleeve printing products. From engineering expertise to design, to innovation and customization, we have every piece our customers need for their custom digital shrink sleeves. Get in touch with AMAC Technologies today to learn more about how we can build your digital shrink sleeve product from start to finish.