What’s the Difference Between Shrink Packaging and Vacuum Sealing?

Posted by AMAC

Shrink packaging and vacuum packaging are easily confused, and people do so all the time. The appearance of the two packaging types as finished products are similar. They both use clear and flexible materials that conform to the shape of the item being packaged. They both use heat sealing to enclose the product. And they are both commonly used to package numerous products. However, it is important to know the difference between shrink packaging and vacuum sealing. It is particularly important to understand these differences if you are planning to use the one or the other type of packaging machine.

The following are the most significant differences:

  1. Thickness of Materials –  The packaging rolls used in vacuum packaging are much thicker than those used in shrink packaging. They are typically four times thicker than the material used in shrink packaging.
  2. Machinery – Both packaging types use heat sealing. However, the machinery used to carry out this process is not the same. For vacuum sealing, only the sealed part requires heat. Shrink packaging requires heating the entire package to create the seal. Shrink packaging and vacuum packaging machines are not interchangeable.
  3. Oxygen –  This is another significant difference between the two types of packaging. The vacuum packaging process removes air from the package and creates a tight seal. This is done to increase the shelf life of food products. Shrink wrap requires heating the wrapping to create a tight seal. Adding heat would not be appropriate for every type of product.

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