Custom Vacuum Seal Packaging

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Custom vacuum seal packaging is a very convenient packaging solution for any manufacturer who packs large or irregularly shaped products. Larger products like whole fish, chicken, blocks of cheese, tools, or electronics, can be difficult to pack and seal with standard sized bags. AMAC Technologies’ custom vacuum seal packaging systems make packing these items easy as they use auto sensing technology to detect the exact size and shape of each item. These custom packaging machines then cut exact packaging to fit each product out of durable c-fold film, and vacuum seal to finish. This whole process is also completely automated, making the tedious task of hand packaging a worry of the past. Implementing the use of a custom vacuum seal packaging machine will allow you to easily pack your difficult items in a short amount of time while saving money and increasing output and efficiency. 

Benefits of Custom Vacuum Seal Packaging:

  • Large Item Compatibility – Our custom vacuum packaging machines process 8 – 20 inch C-Fold film. This allows easy cut to fit packaging for a large variety of items including large food product, medical tools, automotive equipment, electronics, and more.  
  • Vacuum Sealing – Vacuum packaging provides several benefits including extended shelf life, protection from damaging elements, and prevention of exposure to germs and bacteria. 
  •  Low Production Costs – This system is totally automated and will help save money by reducing labor costs and reducing potential worksite injury associated with repetitive labor. These systems also allow you to increase output speed, as they can produce up to 60 completed units in under one minute. 

Need To Find Custom Vacuum Seal Packaging?

If you are looking for automated machinery to create custom packaging for your large or irregularly shaped products, AMAC Technologies can help. With over 30 years of experience and a dedicated team of vacuum packaging specialists, AMAC Technologies has the knowledge to help you find the best packaging equipment for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!