Where Can Manufacturers Find The Best Custom Shrink Bands In Bulk?

Posted by Chela Mancuso

When it comes to labeling and packaging, custom shrink bands are one of the hottest products on the market. AMAC Technologies has been a leading provider of manufacturing equipment like shrink labelers and shrink tunnels for over 40 years, and we now also supply custom shrink bands and shrink sleeves to fit any manufacturer’s needs! 

What are Shrink Bands? 

Since 1982 when the unfortunate Tylenol contamination poisonings, shrink bands have exploded in popularity as manufacturers sought a sustainable, long-term solution for their packaging needs that is also tamper-proof. In an effort to protect consumers, manufacturers more widely adopted the usage of shrink bands. Shrink bands are pieces of casing, typically plastic, that wrap around bottles, jars, or any other type of container to prevent them from being opened prematurely and potentially putting customers at risk. 

What Are The Benefits of Shrink Bands?

While each bottle and container is different, shrink bands are highly customizable and can fit a variety of different containers. The most common use of shrink bands is for cosmetics, food, beverages like wine, spirits, and beer, pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, jars, candles, and more. While each shrink band application will vary depending on the preferred design, most shrink bands fit the entire container and can be applied over the neck of the container to protect the product within. When applied specifically with safety in mind, it is important to note that shrink bands should still allow the product to be accessible. Most commonly, they come with pull tabs or perforated lines to help the consumer open the product. 

Shrink bands come in any color, and can be completely customized to fit the branding and logos of the company. They can include high-quality, full-color images, a wide variety of product information, and offer much more design real estate overall. Additionally, shrink bands offer benefits such as: 

  • Versatility. They can be applied to an incredibly wide variety of products and containers and are fantastic no matter what the shape or material or even weight of the product is within. 
  • Durability. The shrink sleeves, once applied with heat, are both flexible and durable and stand up to being jostled around in the supply chain process. 
  • Sustainability. Luckily, shrink sleeves are also easy to remove from the product and can frequently be recycled as they use eco-friendly materials. 
  • Differentiation. Shrink bands allow manufacturers to create unique, individual products that stand out on shelves in a sea of similarly labeled products. 

When deciding what type of shrink banding and shrink band equipment is right for your labeling needs, it is important to consider all aspects of the project. AMAC Technologies has years’ worth of experience in helping our customers navigate their packaging process and deciding what equipment is the right choice for their specific product. Our ASL-300 shrink band labeler is one of the best in its class and provides manufacturers with an efficient, high-quality product for a fair price. 

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Look no further than AMAC Technologies for all of your custom shrink band needs! For over 40 years, we have been innovating and pioneering in the consumer packaged goods labeling industry, and under the guidance of our expert, John Yamasaki, we are able to provide some of the best equipment and service to our customers. Yamasaki has decades’ worth of hands-on experience in the industry, and in combination with our teams, he works to continue providing innovative equipment to the industry that is affordable and best in class. Whether you need help with a small project, a large project, or anything in between, our dedicated team of experts is always looking to help you! Contact AMAC Technologies today.