Auto Size Sensing Custom Product Packaging

Posted by AMAC

Auto size sensing vacuum sealing machines like the AIV-2000 from AMAC Technologies, can create custom product packaging to fit the size and shape of a product without the need for a custom mold. These vacuum sealing machines are able to sense the size and shape of your product, cutting the film around it, piece by piece, for a perfect airtight fit. This process of vacuum sealing is great for larger items like whole fish or blocks of cheese, as the machines can process 8-20 inch C-fold film. While often used for food packaging, this automatic packaging system can be used for various products like toys, jewelry, medical tools, electronics, or any other product that could benefit from vacuum sealed, custom product packaging.

Benefits of AIV-2000 Custom Product Packaging

  • Fully Automatic – This fully automatic vacuum sealing technology can package your products, without the need of custom mold, much faster than packaging by hand. This will allow you to package more products in a shorter amount of time, saving time and cutting costs.
  • Extending Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing food products will protect them from being exposed to bacteria that can cause it to spoil, which will reduce waste. This method of airtight packaging will also extend the shelf life of the product.
  • Prevents Damage – When items like metal tools or electronic components are vacuum sealed in plastic film, they are protected from exposure to water or other elements that can cause rusting and damage during shipping or storage.

If your business could benefit from custom product packaging, consider implementing the use of a high capacity manufacturing machine such as the AIV-2000 from AMAC Technologies. In addition to being able to provide custom cut packaging for each item, these machines are designed to save time and money, while packaging your product in a durable, protective film. Contact us today to learn more about their line of high efficiency manufacturing machinery.