Craft Beer Shrink Labels

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Craft beer shrink labels are one of the most popular ways to label and brand craft beer cans with flashy, eye catching, custom labels. Craft beer is a booming industry and an attractive shrink label can help you stand out from the competition. Not only are custom craft beer shrink labels eye-catching and affordable, but they are also easy to apply with the use of a heat shrink labeler like the ASL-300. If you are in need of a highly efficient, small footprint, affordable shrink labeler, the ASL-300 may be the perfect solution. AMAC Technologies’ ASL-300 is the most affordable heat shrink labeler of it’s class that features a compact design, industrial high production speeds, and sturdy construction. This means that shops, breweries, or manufacturing facilities of any size can have commercial grade heat shrink labeling for an affordable price, without sacrificing too much floor space. If you are interested in heat shrink labeling equipment for your business, AMAC Technologies can help!

Benefits Of the ASL-300 for Craft Beer Shrink Labels

  • Speed – The ASL-300 can quickly label can and a variety of other products at speeds of 300 bpm. This means ASL-300 can keep up with the most demanding, high production facilities, and increase production speeds and output of any size shop or brewery.
  • Design – The ASL-300 features a sturdy stainless steel construction, strong servo motors, innovative cantilever design, and user friendly touch-screen controls. This design allows for seamless, hands free, automatic production and easy change overs from one product to another. 
  • Versatility – In addition to labeling craft beer can, the ASL-300 can be used for any other products that require neck banding, shrink labeling, and even multi-pack or twin pack shrink sleeves. Some products the ASL-300 can be used for include cosmetics, bottled drinks, food products, canned goods, soaps, lotions, cleaning products, and much more.

Want To Learn More About Heat Shrink Labeling?

For more information about how to apply craft beer shrink labels, or learn about the ASL-300, contact AMAC Technologies here! AMAC Technologies is a leading provider of cutting edge packaging equipment with over 40 years of experience. AMAC Technologies and their dedicated team of specialists will be happy to help you find the perfect manufacturing solutions for your needs!