Why Should Meat Manufacturers Use Continuous Belt Vacuum Packing Machines?

Posted by AMAC

Vacuum packing machines have come a long way since they were first introduced to consumers years ago. Today, businesses use this equipment to provide their customers with the best product and lowest possible price. A variety of equipment options are available including automated options. Continuous belt vacuum packing machines are designed to help manufacturers increase speed without losing efficiency.

Continuous Belt Vacuum Packing Machines

A continuous belt vacuum packing machine uses a seal bar structure on a belt system to provide constant motion throughout the packaging process. Bags containing the product are placed on the line in the loading area and the bar advances each package to the sealing area. Vacuuming and sealing take place automatically without any manual intervention. The lid chamber opens once sealing is finished to discharge the product and move to the next package on the line.

How Do They Help Meat Manufacturers?

Continuous belt vacuum packing machines offer a variety of features to ensure cleanliness, safety, and product quality. These machines are typically made with stainless steel to provide the utmost durability. The stainless steel also offers an easy to clean, hygienic surface. Here are a few more benefits meat manufacturers can take advantage of:

  • Conveyer Table Angle Adjustment – An adjustment option is provided to change the conveyor table angle and prevent spills when liquid is present.
  • Automatic Belt Washing – This feature makes it easier to keep the area clean and to prevent cross contamination during packaging.
  • Waterproof Control System – As a meat manufacturer, this is very important to ensuring the packing operation is safe. Wet hands from washing or handling meat could be a potential hazard without waterproof controls.
  • Stainless Steel Chain – This component satisfies sanitation requirements while protecting product quality.

Continuous belt vacuum packing machines are suitable for a variety of production needs. They maintain meat freshness, flavor, and prevent the product from spoiling. Stainless steel is resistant to oxidization and offers an easier to manage piece of equipment. A continuous belt design allows your business to maximize the efficiency of the meat packaging process without reducing safety or quality.

AMAC Technologies offers several continuous belt vacuum packing machine options to businesses operating in this industry. If you are a meat manufacturer who is looking for a dependable solution, contact our team today to learn more about the products we offer.