What are Continuous Belt Packaging Machines?

Posted by AMAC

You can read almost any article today about robotics and come away with the feeling that machines are taking over the world. Furthermore, the general consensus is that eventually humans will play little to no role in manual labor. This recent explosion in technology is pushing more manufacturers to try to improve their bottom line by replacing man with machine. Even though this may be scary to some, we should recognize that some repetitive manufacturing processes not only can be replaced with machines, they should be. Behind every intelligent machine is a more intelligent human. One perfect example of machine helping man is the continuous belt packaging machines.

Continuous belt packaging machines are the perfect solution for businesses looking to increase productivity without a large investment. Continuous belt packaging machines allow one user to package multiple products more quickly than regular packaging machines. Below we examine a few of the critical components of a continuous belt packaging machine.

Major Components of Continuous Belt Packaging Machines

  • Conveyor Belt – A continuous moving belt made of durable material that moves products down the assembly which allows the user to package products at a faster pace.
  • Vacuum Sealer – This piece of the machinery is the packaging component. The vacuum sealer removes all or most the air from the bag and securely seal the product.
  • Speed Control – The speed control on the belt allows the user to regulate the time needed for processing. Also, this features allows for the maximum amount of vacuum sealing to occur, thus increasing productivity.

Benefits of Continuous Belt Packaging Machines 

  • High Volume Production – The continuous belt feature dramatically increases the number of products that can be packaged by one employee. These machines can be used in any production process.
  • Increased Efficiency – Limits the repetitive motion that wastes time allowing one worker to package more products at a faster rate of speed.
  • Consistency – Machine processing can provide a level of consistency in product packaging that a human cannot.

Ready to Shop Continuous Belt Packaging Machines?

Looking for a way to increased production without a large investment? Continuous belt packaging machines are a great choice.  Not certain what will meet your existing and future needs? With so many vacuum sealing options, we are here to help! This is a big decision for any business. We understand how important it is to choose equipment that meets your specific needs while remaining affordable.  Contact us today to learn more about our entire equipment line.