Is There a Difference Between a Commercial and a Compact Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Posted by AMAC

Vacuum packaging machines are incredibly useful packaging devices that are used to quickly and easily seal items for resale, storage or just convenience. Their benefits include extending shelf life of products, saving precious storage or cargo space, marinating food and much more. These vacuum machines come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet consumer needs. But are all consumers equal? Is there a difference between a commercial vacuum packaging machine and a compact vacuum packaging machine?

What Do They Have in Common? 

Vacuum packaging is a simple packaging method that removes air from a plastic packaging material prior to closing it with an air tight seal. This is true of any model you purchase whether commercial or compact. Here’s a list of things that are similar about commercial and compact vacuum packaging machines:

  • Capabilities – Both have a motor that sucks the air from a package and delivers a tight vacuum seal.
  • Speed – Both are reasonably quick and simple to operate.
  • Materials – Both use similar types of material for sealing.
  • Uses – Both are capable of sealing dry or wet items.
  • Requirements – Both require some type of electrical supply to operate.
  • Efficiency – Both are easy to clean and take up a small space.

What Are the Differences? 

It is true that there are many similarities between commercial and compact vacuum packaging machines, but the differences are important. Particularly if you are looking for a machine to meet a specific need or process. Below we share the major differences between commercial and compact vacuum packaging machines:

  • Costs – Commercial machines are typically much more expensive than compact machines.
  • Durability – Commercial machines are designed to handle the high demands of a manufacturer so there components are of higher quality and designed to last much longer.
  • Design – Commercial machines are available in more than just table top models. Commercial designs include mobile units, stand-alone models, continuous belt options, and double chamber machines that can process more than one item at a time.
  • Supplies – Compact models typically have one type of material that can be used for sealing, while commercial machines are designed to handle many types of materials in various shapes and sizes.
  • Maintenance – Compact models usually have a small motor that does not require any regular maintenance. Commercial models will have larger motors that will require maintenance depending on the amount of sealing done.

What Compact Vacuum Packaging Machine is Best for You?

It can be difficult to decide what is the best vacuum packaging machine that can meet your current needs. It is always best to speak with a vacuum sealing expert to make sure you understand all the options available. Our staff at AMAC Technologies would love to help you select the perfect machine. If you are ready to start the shopping process, simply fill out our contact form, or give us a call 877-380-6117.