Where To Find Compact Footprint Packaging Machines

Posted by AMAC

Compact footprint packaging machines, as their name implies, are small enough to fit on a desk or table top, but efficient enough to pack and seal with speed and ease. AMAC Technologies offers several different table top vacuum sealing machines that are the perfect solution for quickly sealing your products into durable, airtight packaging, without taking up too much space. Due to the compact design of these tabletop machines they are compatible with any environment. From small offices to large facilities, these machines allow you to easily pack and seal your products for shipment.

Pros of Using Compact Footprint Packaging Machines: 

  • Electronics – This table top series of vacuum sealing machines is perfect for packaging smaller electronic devices and components. The airtight seal and durable packaging, protects your electronics from water and other damaging elements they could come in contact with while shipping, ultimately reducing damage and product loss.
  • Cleanroom Compatible – AMAC Technologies’ compact footprint packaging machines offer the most reliable, oxygen free, airtight seals currently available. This makes these machines compliant with cleanroom sealing standards for moisture barrier bags.
  • User Friendly – The tabletop vacuum sealers from AMAC Technologies are very easy to use and operate, with the ability to program up to ten packaging presents for your various products. In addition to being user friendly, the clear top design allows you to view the items as they are being packaged, providing you with optimal control of the process.

If you are in need of compact footprint packaging machines, contact us today to discuss our entire line of vacuum sealing machines. AMAC Technologies is a long time, trusted provider of industrial equipment, supplying manufacturers with top of the line machinery to expedite the packaging process, helping to save time and money. With AMAC Technologies, you will find the equipment you need to take your business to the next level.