How to Select the Right Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine

Posted by AMAC

With so many vacuum sealers available in retail stores and online, often times manufacturers can be tempted to go with a “household” type when their demand is not too great. But there are some major differences between commercial vacuum sealers and home vacuum sealers. For example, commercial vacuum sealers far exceed home sealers in durability, usage features, and supplies. While most manufacturers recognize a commercial vacuum sealer is necessary in a manufacturing setting, they often don’t know how to select the right commercial vacuum sealer. Read on as we examine the many options to review when purchasing a commercial vacuum sealing machine.

Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine Types and Features

There are many types of commercial vacuum sealers. When considering your options, don’t focus solely on current production needs. A smart investment means considering future demands, product changes, location changes and particularly production space. A table top machine today may suit your needs, but having a mobile sealer may serve both today and tomorrow’s production. Will your production increase? What about hiring more staff? Will continuous duty functions be in your not too distant future? Consider all of these demands when selecting a machine.

Here are a few types of vacuum sealing machines to consider:

Commercial Sealers Deliver with Durability

Purchasing a commercial vacuum sealing machine means you are getting a machine that was made to last. Commercial grade machines are heavy duty sealers made from quality materials both inside and out. The motor designs handle heavy use and continuous use to reduce packaging down time during production. Well-built motors deliver longer product life and typically require less repairs. Stainless steel designs ensure they will last longer and are easy to clean.

Commercial Vacuum Sealing Supplies

Using a commercial machine also opens you up to the world of commercial supplies. Commercial machines open up an array of quality supplies. Do you want bags that pierce easily? Will customers complain when bags are thin and don’t seal products as securely? Are you going to get negative feedback from customers when packaging is inferior? Superior packaging is not only please to customers, but can also increase shelf life.

Ready to Select your Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine?

If you have been considering a commercial vacuum sealer our staff at AMAC Technologies would love to speak with you. This is a big decision for any business and we understand how important it is to choose equipment that meets your specific needs as well as your budget! Call us today, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our entire equipment line.