Commercial Vacuum Packaging To Extend Shelf Life

Posted by Joe Mancuso

Commercial vacuum packaging to extend shelf life is a common concept in food manufacturing as the longer a food product can last on the shelf, during shipping, or in it’s packaging, the longer it can be sold to consumers. Vacuum packaging food products removes excess oxygen in order to slow down the decay of perishables and lock in freshness, in turn extending the usable life of the product.  Benefits of commercial vacuum packaging to extend shelf life includes prevention of loss, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced overhead cost. If you are looking for a fast, cost effective commercial vacuum packaging solution to extend shelf life, AMAC Technologies can help!

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Commercial Vacuum Packaging Technology

  • Extended Shelf Life – AMAC Technologies’ commercial vacuum packaging systems help to extend shelf life in a couple different ways. First by removing excess oxygen and slowing breakdown and secondly by protecting the product with a durable pouch that keeps the product safe from bacteria and contaminants that can cause spoiling.  
  • Food Safety – AMAC Technologies produces hands free, fully automated, no-touch packaging systems that help to reduce contact and exposure with food products during the packaging process. This helps to prevent food products from coming in contact with germs and bacteria that can cause illness or spoilage.  
  • Efficiency – These fully automated systems have the ability to open, fill, and seal up to 150 pouches or bags in 60 seconds in either preformed pouches or individually cut laminates, with no need for custom molds. This allows you to increase output, while reducing production speed.
  • Reduced Overhead –  The use of an automated packaging system eliminates the need for manual packaging, significantly reducing labor costs, and allowing more time and energy to be spent on other tasks.

Want To Learn More About Commercial Vacuum Packaging To Extend Shelf Life?

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