Commercial Impulse Sealers – Uses and Benefits

Posted by Chela Mancuso

What are impulse sealers? Impulse sealers are vacuum sealers that use heat to seal bags, create an airtight seal, and lock in freshness. These sealers are multipurpose and can be used to seal a variety of different sized pouches with products like food, electronics, medical tools, or even clothing and bedding to help rescue bulk. Impulse vacuum sealers are an ideal packaging solution for several reasons. They can be used for a wide variety of products, they provide durable packaging that will protect your products and help to extend shelf life. These systems are also highly efficient and user friendly, helping to increase production speed and reduce the need for tedious labor. If you are interested in implementing the use of commercial impulse sealers in your manufacturing process, AMAC Technologies can help. 

Benefits of AMAC Technologies Impulse Sealers:

  • Durable Packaging – Vacuum sealed pouches are used to pack a wide variety of items because these packages are durable and protective. Vacuum sealed pouches not only provide protection against damaging elements during shipping and handling, but also help to preserve food products by removing excess oxygen, locking in freshness, and extending shelf life. The use of vacuum sealing in your packaging process will ultimately reduce waste and loss of product. 
  • User friendly –AMAC technologies has a wide selection of vacuum and impulse sealers from small table top units that will make packing and sealing a breeze, to large fully automatic vacuum packaging and sealing systems that will handle the entire process from feeding and filling the pouches, to vacuuming and sealing with no need for manual intervention. Each machine is designed to make your packaging process fast and efficient while taking the burden of manual labor off your staff. 
  • Affordable – The use of sealing machinery will also make your packaging process more cost effective. With the packaging equipment doing the heavy lifting you are able to reduce labor costs and increase productivity. 

Need To Find The Right Packaging Equipment For Your Business?

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