Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer for Liquids

Posted by AMAC

Packaging liquid food products like broths, juices, or soups can be difficult and messy, but AMAC Technologies has made this once cumbersome packaging process easy with their commercial grade vacuum sealer for liquids. Not only does vacuum sealing liquid food products provide several benefits in terms of shelf life, but this commercial grade vacuum sealer for liquids will speed up and automate your packaging process, allowing you to save time and money, by reducing labor costs, and packaging more liquid products in a shorter amount of time than was previously possible with manual packaging methods.  If your facility is looking to increase efficiency and output, while eliminating the hassle of hand packaging liquid products, AMAC Technologies’ commercial grade vacuum sealer for liquids is the solution.

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ automated vacuum sealers:

  • Extended Shelf Life – Just like vacuum sealing other food products, vacuum sealing liquid products removes excess oxygen, and the durable air tight pouch protects your goods from exposure to bacteria or germs that can cause contamination and loss of product. All of this results in a longer shelf life, and less wasted product.
  • Capacity – AMAC Technologies’ vacuum sealer for liquids can fill durable pouches, laminates, and bags with up to 2.2 lbs of liquid product, with no need for hand filling or sealing.
  • Efficiency – These fully automated machines handle the entire packaging process from start to finish, opening, filling, and sealing bags with product with no need for intervention. These automated systems are also much quicker than manual packaging, producing up to 60 filled and sealed units in under 1 minute.

Looking for a Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer for Liquids?

If you are looking to take your packaging process to the next level with a fully automated, commercial grade vacuum sealer for liquids, contact us today! AMAC Technologies is a cutting edge provider of industrial machinery, designed for maximum efficiency to keep production high and costs low.